Why Is It So Hard For A Woman To Lose Body Fat?

There’s a lot of information going around about how to lose body fat, but it’s just not working for women. The reason is that men and women don’t lose weight exactly the same way even when using the same fat loss strategies is that the distribution of fat cells in a woman and a man are different.

When it comes to the distribution of fat, a woman tends to have all over body issues from her arms, to her waistline and to her hip and legs. A man commonly puts most of his weight in his stomach.

A Woman’s Metabolism Is Different to A Man

Your metabolism is the way that the food you eat gets converted into energy. The metabolic makeup of a woman’s body is one of the reasons that makes it harder for a her to lose body fat. A woman’s body is set to keep hold of body fat as stored energy for having children.

Men also lose fat faster than a woman because their muscle mass plays into how fast their metabolism works.

How Can A Woman Lose Unwanted Body Fat?

It’s true that fat loss is as simple as eating less and moving more. However, how you eat and how you move does play a role in whether or not your attempt will be a successful one.

Eat a healthy and balanced with more fresh vegetables and fruit and less foods which contain fat and sugar, like processed and packaged foods. Stock up on healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, cucumber strips, nuts etc. so when you feel hungry, you’ll have a supply of healthy snacks ready.

There are many essential oils, like lavender or patchouli, that can help you with your fat loss goals because these can ease stress and anxiety that can trigger an emotional eating response.

What About Exercise?

Whatever exercise you do, it should be something fun and that you enjoy doing. When you mention exercise to some women it can trigger a negative response. That’s because they see exercising as repetitious and boring. But if you make exercising something that you look forward to doing, you’re more likely to stick with it than if you view it as something you have to do that you don’t want to do.

Fun activities can be anything that you enjoy doing that gets your heart rate elevated. it doesn’t mean sweating it out in the gym everyday. Exercise can be anything from dancing, to tennis, to walking or just playing football in the park with your kids.

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