What Is DHEA?

DHEA which is also known as Dehydroepiandrosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone that the adrenal glands inside of our bodies produces.

After it has been produced our bodies will then convert the DHEA into the male and female sex hormones of estrogen and testosterone. Many people will notice that people that are in their twenties will tend to have high levels of DHEA and it will gradually reduce in levels as people age. Since that is what occurs it explains why researchers are working so hard to see what role this plays in the aging and weight gain process.

Even though it is naturally produced by our bodies, DHEA can be supplemented with medication that is prepared in a laboratory. This is prepared by using diosgenin which is contained in the wild yams and soybeans that many people enjoy eating.

Often you can see that wild yam lotions are sold claiming to contain authentic DHEA, which it does. However, many people never realize that the body cannot convert the wild yams into usable DHEA. That is why the conversion has to take place in the labs.

DHEA Benefits

Many people believe that DHEA supplements are going to help keep them from aging. Many people that have had breast cancer, AIDs, diabetes and many other diseases have been found to have lower levels of DHEA. Some of the drugs that people currently take such as insulin and steroids have shown that they act with adversely on the naturally occurring DHEA on inside of the body.

When the DHEA levels start to drop research has shown that it can lead to a lack of muscle, lower density inside of the bones and a severely weakened immune system. Studies are still ongoing, but many people that take DHEA supplements have reported having increased muscle mass, stamina, and easier control of sugar compared to those given a placebo.

Studies are still going on about people that are taking DHEA supplements for depression. However, after six weeks it was later noticed that people given the supplements often were shown to have a better mood than those given a placebo.

Many studies are starting to show that DHEA supplements can play a significant role in controlling and reducing weight. Some of the other conditions that it has been helping people out with is osteoporosis, menopause, and sexual dysfunction.

Scientists are starting to study if DHEA can help improve the brain function of people and help control the loss of bone mass for women who suffer from lupus erythematosus which is an autoimmune disease that destroys the connective tissues inside of the body.

To help in the control of this condition is prasterone is currently being examined. Any time that you decide to take DHEA supplements you should do under a physicians orders.

DHEA for Weight Loss

DHEA has proved time and again to be a powerful way of controlling weight problems. In fact, it is often contained inside of the highly effective weight loss supplements such as Phen375.

Phen375 which is a diet pill that many people refer to due to its impressive fat burner properties, and the fact that it is a legal weight loss supplement that does not require a prescription.

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