Some simple eating plan diet tips for losing weight

Now first let me start by saying I love food, yes, I love food. So if I was going to change the way I ate, I had to be realistic about it. Cabbage soup, no carbs after 5 and all that nonsense were not for me. I wanted to eat tasty food, not starve myself and lose weight.

Here are a few basic changes to my eating plan which made a huge difference:

1. Swap out soda’s and juice for water – it may sound difficult but you soon get used it. After all, for millions of years humans only drank water. I would still have my coffee on a morning, but instead of drinking soda all day long I would drink water instead.

2. Cut down on the whites – i’m talking about white bread, white rice, white pasta, sugar. Your body doesn’t need any of these things. Either cut them down dramatically or switch to alternatives like brown rice, brown bread, oats etc

3. Swap processed meat for fresh – Instead of buying burgers or hot dogs, buy a fresh piece of meat, season and cook yourself, its so simple and so tasty. Processed meats are full of salt, sugar and fat. Cut them out as much as possible.

4. Eat 4 – 5 smaller meals day – ok, so we’ve all heard this one before, but it really does work. I used to eat a few snacks during the day and then when I was home on an evening I would just eat and eat. Now that I eat proper meals, I don’t stuff myself in the evening.

5. Don’t diet – yes you heard me right, stay away from those crazy fad diets, they don’t work and will only make you feel depressed. Eat more fresh food, go easy on the carbs and most of all enjoy what you eat.

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