Phen375: Is It Better Than Tenuate?

What Is Tenuate?

Tenuate, presented only available as a pill,  with a doctor’s prescription or bought online, is an appetite suppressant, which should be teamed with a  healthy diet for  a reduction in weight. Appetite suppressants  allow you to feel  adequately full after  consuming food and will  decrease food cravings and hunger pangs.  Lots of  users use  this appetite suppressant as they cannot  restrain their  appetite and  may eat  great quantities of food,  because Tenuate is  commonly prescribed by doctors as a treatment for  severely overweight men and women.

How does Tenuate work?

Tenuate is  comparable in its chemical make-up to amphetamines.  Tenuate  alters the appetite  by affecting  signals  in the brain, effectively  convincing the part of the brain which tells your body it is hungry. This mean that  the desire to snack and the desires  to consume food are lessened which results in the user eating  less frequently than they normally would which  eventually  ends in  the person losing weight. This effect will be sustained for  the duration of the Tenuate treatment.

Side Effects Of Tenuate

Will I experience any side effects from using Tenuate?

Unfortunately, yes. Tenuate  does have a number of known side effects.  These are:
•    Mood and sleeping issues:  Agitation,  Inability to sleep,  a feeling of hopelessness,  difficulty in focusing.
•    Skin complaints: rashes,  contusions,  urticaria.
•    Heart and respiratory problems:  Rise in blood pressure,  pain when breathing,  heart palpitations,  difficulty in breathing.
•    Problems carrying out day to day activities: Blurred Vision,  light headedness,  uncontrollable shaking.
•    Hormonal problems:  Breast growth in men, loss of sex drive, hair loss,  impotence,  unusual amount of perspiration.
•    Digestive and urinary Issues:  Painful bowel movements, painful urination,  unsettled stomach.
•    Tension headaches.
•    Muscle pain.

Although some of  Tenuate’s side effects  are minor,  nearly all are very  distressing , especially since  some could affect mobility and normal day to day living such as shaking, blurred vision and  pain when breathing.  Undesirable side effects  including  erectile dysfunction,  thinning of the hair and  breast growth in men, could also affect  self confidence and increase depression.

Phen375 Is A Better Weight Loss Alternative

The damaging side effects reported by users of Tenuate, indicate that this  appetite suppressant may not be suitable for  the average person who wishes to  become slimmer. The  threat of these side effects must be seriously considered  prior to even considering  ordering Tenuate online.

Also, those considering buying Tenuate  must note, that because of the similarities in chemical composition of Tenuate and amphetamines, there  is potentially a  great  danger of  eventually being dependant or  unable to stop these pills.  People who have taken Tenuate for a long time have  complained of  overwhelming exhaustion, debilitating and acute insomnia, inability to sleep, sleep difficulties when they have halted use.  furthermore, it is  advisable that  Tenuate users  do not try to  use a vehicle or  attempt to work heavy machinery  until satisfied with how  they will react to  Tenuate.

Due to  the side effects and negatives, it is not advisable to  purchase Tenuate unless when it is prescribed and used under the supervision of a  medical professional.  Choosing other weight loss  plans, diets or  exercising and healthy eating regime would be  far more sensible.

Phen375 on the flip side, is a distinctive innovative supplement that burns excess fat and depresses urge for food. Produced in a USA-FDA authorized lab, Phen375 is proved to show a standard weigh loss of 25lbs in just 6 weeks!

There are no undesired side-effects plus it has a Client Satisfaction Guarantee that means you have absolutely nothing to miss out on, – besides some weight of course. Phen375 succeeds! Buy it right here at a discount by using this link.

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