How To Tackle Extreme Weight Loss

When dealing with extreme weight loss, it can seem really overwhelming, but, I have some simple solutions that you can start with today to start tackling extreme weight loss. I know it can seem super overwhelming, but, I want you to break it down into easy to follow steps that you can begin to take starting today!

First, I completely understand where you are coming from, and how it can seem scary. There is so much information out there, and we don’t really know where to start. We see tv shows, like ‘The Biggest Loser’, and ‘Extreme Weight Loss’, and it feels like the only way to get this extra weight off is to go to extreme measures, but, this isn’t the case. You can get started right now, today, from home.

Step 1. Accept where you are at right now. Stop beating yourself up for where you are at. I know you have probably gone through diet after fad diet, and every time we fail, we are sure it was our fault, but, guess what, it’s not your fault!! So, step one is to stop beating ourselves up for where we are at. This puts us in the driver’s seat to start taking control of our own health.

Step 2. Start drinking more water. I know this seems like a silly one, but, water is so important!! I can almost guarantee if you have extra weight, you need to drink more water. This does several things, first, let’s chat about the massive benefits of water.

Water gets rid of toxins in the body, it helps you lose weight, it can actually boost your energy, it helps to prevent joint pain, it gets your skin healthy, and reduces a variety of illnesses. It does so much more, but, let’s start with that. So, let’s talk about the tricky thing that drinking more water does. It makes you get up and move more!! (Because you are going to have to go to the bathroom!!!) And we will talk about moving in the next step!!

Step 3. If you are carrying an extra 60 pounds, 80 pounds, 100 pounds, or maybe even more… you don’t need to pick up weights in the gym to start out with. You are already carrying the weight!! Did you know you could get started from home in as little as 5 minutes a day? Well, you can. Of course, you might need to head to the gym after you drop some of your weight, but, if that scares you, don’t start there.

Start where you are at. So, if you are carrying extra weight, you already have the weight on you. You can simply get up off the couch, then, sit back down. Repeat this 5 to 15 times a couple times a day. Get up more often, move a little more. If you have some really extreme weight, and you can’t get up, pick your legs up and move them. Pick your arms up and move them. Just start moving more!!!

I really hope these seem simple to start with, and I really hope you get started today!!!

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