Give Up Your Excuses If You Want To Lose Weight

If you truly want to lose weight, one of the first things you must do is give up your excuses. Excuses are those little voices in our heads that continually attempt to convince us to be lazy and unproductive especially when it comes to weight loss. If we’ve gotten used to eating fattening fast food and not moving our bodies regularly, then the excuses we come up with become stronger and more convincing.

Think of the last time you tried to do something healthy or positive. If for some reason you didn’t accomplish what you originally intended was it on account of an excuse getting in the way?

Give Up Your Excuses If You Want To Lose Weight

Excuses can be subtle culprits that may appear innocent but have a compounding effect when combined with one another.

The days you wake up early to workout, yet after hearing the alarm and attempting to get out of bed your excuse becomes that it’s too cold so you reset your alarm for another hour of sleep and bypass that wonderful workout you had planned.

How about the times you are supposed to cook a healthy meal at home but the excuse you come up with is that it will take too much time so instead you order a pizza to be delivered to your house and proceed to chow down.

Or the excuse used when you’re at work without a lunch and instead of ordering something healthy in the cafeteria like a grilled chicken salad with a large water, you get a double bacon cheeseburger with large fries and a soda

Each one of these excuses are deliberate wrenches thrown into your healthy engine preventing you from maximizing your weight loss potential. Eventually if enough wrenches are tossed into your engine, the entire process will stall and you will be unable to continue on towards your dream of a fit life.

If you truly want to lose weight and get fit, don’t let your inner voice convince you of using an excuse to avoid doing what you know is right.

When you decide to wake up early to run 4 miles before work, stick with that healthy choice. In other words, when that alarm clock rings at 5am, immediately pop out of bed, splash cold water in your face, put on your workout gear, and hit the road. Don’t give your brain the chance to think of an excuse that prevents you from accomplishing this healthy activity.

The more often you let your healthy mind take control that sinister lazy voice in the head will start to die out and you’ll find yourself dealing with less and less excuses when it comes to your health and fitness. It just takes the initial effort to take control of the excuses along with a certain amount of willpower.

Get past the first month or two and you’ll have much more control over the silly excuses that may have gotten the better of you in the past.

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